Reflections Of A Visionist

“Being a visionist is having the capacity to believe in, feel, and experience what is obscured to others. A vision inspires hope, and hope opens the door for chance and change.” – Saleena Bullard

Who is Saleena?

Saleena Bullard is a native New Yorker. Not only is she a business owner and an author, she is also a mental health advocate who uses her platforms to create a safe space for other women to discover and amplify their voices; using her story and authenticity to demonstrate that chance and change are possible.

Started with Depression & Anxiety

Many significant life events occurred in 2016, including her trying to determine her position in the universe. For a while, Saleena went through some really low times where she constantly questioned her existence, wished to take her life repeatedly, and made numerous attempts to do so. Now, with the support of her loved ones, the restoration of her faith, her desire to encourage others and therapy, Saleena continues to persevere. She also quotes Dr. Maya Angelou, “I would take nothing for my journey now.” Stay tuned as she becomes more candid about her journey. The real, the raw, the uncut, the value, from her mouth to God’s ears and for your eyes.

You no longer have to undervalue yourself

Because we believe we are not deserving enough to play large, some of us feel comfortable playing little. We thus accept less than we deserve. But no longer! To get that boost and be empowered to realize our potential, we occasionally need allies in our corner. I’m prepared to fill that role. Count on my assistance.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

-Harriet Tubman


The real, the raw, the uncut, the value, from my mouth to God’s ears and for your eyes.

And So The Adventure Begins

Reach out so we can work together. Unity is vision.

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